Distinct Design with Timeless Beauty

Countertops are a central part of any kitchen or bath remodeling project as these become “work spaces” yet are a focal point in terms of style and personality. We offer many materials that will complement our custom crafted cabinets, while keeping practicality in mind and giving your room the unique look that makes it YOUR home. Below are some of our more popular surfaces.


Natural stones continue to permeate designs everywhere and quality is crucial to long-term durability. Our granite supplier delivers a superior slab with fewer resin-filled holes and an outstanding warranty on its seal with proper use and care. While other granite suppliers use a field-applied sealer, ours uses a two-step process in-house, first allowing the sealant to absorb on a deep level, then bonding at the molecular level to ensure a long lasting, durable seal. With proper care, it’s unlikely our countertops would need to be resealed over the next 10-15 years.

Solid Surface

Typically made from a blend of acrylic and polyester, formed under heat and pressure, then reinforced, our solid surface countertops are a great alternative to stone. They’re non-porous, can withstand up to 450°, are impervious to common household chemicals with infinitely renewable surfaces. We are a solid surface fabricator, as well, and can provide near seamless design and installation, and attractive edge profiles while maintaining superior strength.

Our countertops can be molded in into various shapes so the kitchen sink matches the countertop and the shower walls match the shower floors and vanity tops. Available in many colors and patterns, this is one of the most versatile, yet durable products on the market.  
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Comprised of approximately 93% quartz chips, 7% resins and pigments, quartz countertops are manufactured in a factory. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns with veining and even bits of metallic flints to mimic the patterns found in granite. Quartz countertops are stain and scratch resistant, non-porous and never have to be sealed.

We work with the top quartz suppliers offering a myriad of patterns, colors and edge finishing. Choosing quartz enables the beauty of natural stones without compromising on the day-to-day performance required of today's busy lifestlyes.


Ceramic or porcelain tile used for countertops and backsplashes currently is going through a major overhaul as it becomes available in unlimited styles and patterns including those that realistically imitate stone, wood, metal, brick and other natural materials. Tile also is becoming available in larger sizes for kitchen and bath applications which means less grout and less maintenance. 

We are tile designers, providers and installers and work with some of the largest tile suppliers in the industry. Our installers have decades of experience laying tile and creating intricate designs and patterns that leave lasting impressions.


Laminate countertops continue to be a low maintenance and easy to clean option. Laminate surfaces are water and scratch resistant, and affordable to repair.  As a fabricator, Kabinet Koncepts can customize these countertops for a near seamless installation and provide custom edge profiles giving the countertop a more upscale appearance. 

Available in more designs and patterns than any other countertop surface, laminates are now presented in trendy patterns similar to concrete, stone, and other posh finishes and surface textures, and are being found in many high-end kitchens. 
“My family is so pleased with the work that we feel compelled to demonstrate all of the custom features to friends and family. The granite top installers were also impressed saying they had never seen many of the features and that the design was so perfectly balanced…Highly recommend this company.” – J. Snitger
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